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Do you think you might need a few extra touches to make your stay extra perfect? Check out some in-room activities, add-ons, and touches we can provide. 

breakfast for 2

add to any stay in any room . . .


German-style breakfast plate with meats, cheeses, hardboiled egg and more.


+ $60 for 2, or $165 for 6

Looking for more pastries + sweets?  Change it up to a sweet plate for the same price, or combine the two for an additional +$15


Breakfast will be delivered between 8;30 and 9:30 am.​​

pj's & prosecco

add to any stay in a guest room . . .

chilled prosecco + glassware with mimosa cocktail sugar cubes


HOTEL 52 oversized long sleeve appeal


facemasks from local bath markets 


champagne flavoured popcorn snack 

+ $250/ for 2 ppl

wine, bubby, beer ?

add to any stay in any room . . .

Red wine . . . $50/bottle

White wine, chilled . . .  $50/bottle

Prosecco, chilled . . .  $52/bottle

Bucket of Block 3 beers (6) . . .$46/bucket 

charcuterie plate

add to any stay in any room . . .

charcuterie grazing plate-  you know the drill 

+ $45 for 2 or $125 for 6

sangria, mimosas ?

add to any stay in a guest room . . .

sangria kit: one bottle of wine, juices, purees, fruit salsa, and ice

with glassware and recipe card

+ $75

mimosa kit: one bottle of prosecco, orange an dblood orange juice, fruit puree and garnish with glassware


+ $75 

eat . drink . stay 

add to any stay in any room . . .


basket of local artisan sweet & savoury snacks from St. Jacobs, Elora, and Elmira

   + map so you shop them for yourselves. 


cozy in-room "picnic" set up (includes a blanket, napkins, large display board + plates)


bottle of bubbly


2 souvenir HOTEL 52 mugs to remember the night

+ $175 for approx. 2 ppl)

warm up, get cozy

add to any stay in a guest room . . .

in-room smore's kit with roaster 

hot chocolate kit with kettle, whipped cream and fun liquere

2 souvenir HOTEL 52 mugs to remember your stay 

+ $175/ for ppl 


Booking online but don't see the package or add-on you want? Email us at or add a note to  your reservation and we will make sure it makes it to your room <3 

Heck, ideas of your own? Let's see what we can make happen! 

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