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Hotel52 boutique hotel colour palette
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add to any stay in a guest room . . .

  • basket of local artisan sweet & savoury snacks from St. Jacobs, Elora, and Elmira

   + map so you shop them for yourselves. 

  • romantic riverside or cozy in-room "picnic" set up (includes a blanket, napkins, large display board + plates)

  • bottle of bubbly or variety of block 3 beer with glassware (we pick!)

  • 2 souvenir HOTEL 52 mugs to remember the night

+ $175 for 2 people

+ tax

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add to any stay in a guest room . . .

  • chilled prosecco + glassware with mimosa cocktail sugar cubes

  • HOTEL 52 oversized long sleeve appeal

  • clay facemasks from local bath markets 

  • champagne flavoured popcorn snack 

+ $250 for 2 people

+ tax

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add to your stay in the Chardonnay Suite . . .

(which sleeps 6 comfortably, up to 8 uncomfortably)


  • suite is décor-ed OUT on arrival (your typical bachelorette décor with custom felt sign)

  • Aperol Spritz Bar - with fun liqueurs and fixins

  • Elaborate charcuterie spread with local artisan cheese, cured meats, breads, etc. upon arrival 

  • morning-after brunch spread, brought to room (bagels, pastries, fresh fruits, sweet & savoury)

+ $675 for 6 people 

+ tax

ADD ON: second night for half price ($275)

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add to any stay in a guest room . . .​

  • build-your-own sangria kit (includes wine, fresh fruit, liqueurs, and all the fun fixins)

  • macaron + "sweet" board for nibbling

  • exclusive hotel52 10% discount on purchases at La Creme in St. Jacobs (perfect for a mother of the bride dress)

  • face mask set from local botanical shop 

+ $150 for 2 people 

+ tax

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All food and beverage provide by Gilt Catering Co


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